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Sunburst Squares Baby Afghan

This is a baby afghan I made for a one-year-old girl. This pattern is called the Sunburst Squares, because the center - when the colors are done right - look like sunbursts. In this case, I simply went with a solid color in the center of each square, and finished it with white yarn. Cost for an afghan like this would start at $240. Bear in mind this is an heirloom object, and it's not something you can just go to WalMart and buy. This would be a custom-made afghan just for your child, that they can pass on to their children, and so on. This is very similar to the afghan my aunt Eloise made for me in the 1970s, that I still have, and it's in great shape.  If you're ready to order your afghan, reach out to me at My Paypal

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